Additive/3D Series

Additive/3D manufacturing HVF Series

Horizontal Front Loading Vacuum Furnace for Additive and 3D manufacturing Furnace used for Debinding and/or Sintering

The Additive/3D manufacturing Horizontal Vacuum Furnace (HVF Series) is designed for horizontal front loading applications requiring baskets or fixtured loads. The circular designed hot zone provides flexibility in work volume utilization. Wide band heating elements with special “V” shape reinforcements ribs, allow for rapid and uniform heating of the work load. The heating elements are supported by G-M’s patented (Patent No. 5,497,394) full width positive supports. The state-of-the-art “Screw-In” gas nozzle design, provides uniform and rapid cooling throughout the work area.

The Additive/3D Vacuum Furnace for Debinding and/or Sintering is equipped with G-M’s proprietary in-line collection trap system designed to collect organic material prior to entering the vacuum blower/mechanical pumping system.

Additional Features

G-M vacuum furnaces are designed to operate at vacuum levels up to 10-6 Torr range and temperature up to 2500° F. G-M vacuum vessels of a large (1 1/2” nominal) double wall water cooled jacketed construction. The internal heating chamber (Hot Zone) can be manufactured with a variety of insulation packages including ceramic fiber, graphite and multiple radiation shields. The heating system is supplied with proportional controls. Heating elements are molybdenum or graphite construction depending on the customer’s specific requirements. The G-M gas cooling system consists of an external heat exchanger and turbine blower sized in accordance with each furnace model and specific requirements. An Internal Cooling Blower is also available to meet customer requirements.

HVF Series