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Medical device manufacturer’s first vacuum furnace from G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, to bring heat treating in-house to reduce lead time and improve process control. The application is for heat-treating of steel dies used in the company’s plastic and metal injection molding operations.

G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, delivered a horizontal front-loading vacuum furnace with 6 Bar quench capability to a medical device company in the USA for vacuum heat treating of dies as well as critical medical parts. This investment represents the company’s first vacuum furnace, which aligns with their new production strategy to bring heat treating capabilities in-house to achieve shorter lead times and improved process controls.

“After due diligence by the customer, G-M Enterprises’ vacuum furnace came through as a clear winner among other competitors in the market for its advanced equipment design, superior efficiency, and a high return on investment. Also, our aftermarket services and support provided are second to none. We are proud of continually maintaining G-M Enterprises’ long-standing relationship with the medical industry, providing solutions that aid in improving the affordability and accessibility of high-quality healthcare,” said Michel Frison, VP Global Sales, Nitrex and G-M Enterprises.

G-M Enterprises completed the installation at the company’s newly expanded greenfield facility. The turnkey solution features a horizontal front loading vacuum furnace G-M model HVF 101-(I)XB with 6-Bar internal quench capabilities and a work area of 18” Wide x 18” High x 24” Long (457 x 457 x 610 mm), with an all-metal furnace construction. The system is part of the company’s metal injection molding operations and is intended for heat-treating of steel dies used in the manufacturing of medical components.

A leading metal injection molding company bolstered its manufacturing capacity further with the addition of two large-size horizontal vacuum furnaces for sintering and debinding MIM products and components.

G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, will supply an additional horizontal vacuum system to a US military base that is increasing its in-house manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for aerospace components.

The US Government recently awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, for the supply of a turnkey vacuum system that will support the expanding heat treat operations of a military base located in the USA. This aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility performs rework of engines and related components.

The new horizontal furnace will complement existing G-M Enterprises vacuum systems in operation since 1989. G-M Enterprises will supply all key components including a horizontal front-loading vacuum furnace with a work zone of 48” wide x 48” high x 72” deep (1220 x 1220 x 1800 mm), a 4,000 lb. (1800 kg) weight capacity, and a 2 bar-quench system in addition to an all-metal hot zone construction, advanced computer control system, and hydrogen partial pressure capabilities. Operating at a temperature range of 1000°F to 2400°F (535°C – 1300°C), the furnace will heat treat aircraft engine components. Production of the new vacuum furnace is scheduled to start in July 2021.

G-M Enterprises has worked closely with many military bases across the USA and supplied furnaces for rework operations at various facilities. “Our success with the government’s military bases is about delivering cost-effective, result-oriented heat-treating solutions that support in-house capabilities, improve on the material properties of mission-critical aerospace applications, and can save on manufacturing costs,” said Michel Frison, Vice President of Nitrex & G-M Enterprises.

A leading metal injection molding company bolstered its manufacturing capacity further with the addition of two large-size horizontal vacuum furnaces for sintering and debinding MIM products and components.

G-M Enterprises, a Nitrex company, has received a multimillion-dollar order from a global manufacturer of metal injection molding (MIM) products to supply two large-size horizontal vacuum furnaces. These 2-Bar vacuum sintering furnaces feature a work area of 36” wide x 30” high x 84” long (900 x 762 x 2100 mm), 4400 lb. weight capacity, a maximum operating temperature of 2600°F (1430°C), and uniformity of +/-10°F (+/-5.5°C). Integral to the vacuum system configuration is an efficient multistage debinder trap system designed to thermally extract binder from the parts. Sintering and debinding occur in a single cycle using a robust and unique system design that is optimized to handle the maximum load capacity the furnace is designed for. Consequently, there is never a need to operate below the rated load capacity to achieve the required part quality. The high-temperature sintering process also ensures a high-quality finished part surface in terms of density, porosity, mechanical resistance, and aesthetics.

“This latest order comes from a customer we have had a strong cooperation with, and which will be part of a series of multiple furnaces provided by G-M Enterprises over the past decades. G-M Enterprises was carefully selected because of our ability to meet the customer’s large-scale design requirements and to optimize the furnace performance, our competitive lead time as well as the predictable and repeatable metallurgical results,” said Michel Frison, VP Global Sales, Nitrex and G-M Enterprises.

“I want to thank our loyal customer for their trust as well as Mr. Suresh Jhawar, G-M Enterprises Senior Adviser, and the whole team at G-M Enterprises who were instrumental in securing this order,” added Michel Frison.

The first of the two furnaces will be delivered this year and the second is scheduled for commissioning in March 2021.

Nitrex Expands International Sales Representative Network, Welcomes Mr. Ali Akgunes

NITREX is pleased to welcome our newest manufacturer representative, Mr. Ali Akgunes, for Romania and Turkey. Akgunes will handle the complete portfolio of G-M Enterprises (G-M) vacuum furnaces and UPC-Marathon (UPC, formerly United Process Controls) process and flow controls and automation solutions in Turkey. In Romania, he will also represent Nitrex for the sale of nitriding and nitrocarburizing systems in addition to G-M and UPC products.

Ali Akgunes brings over 20 years of experience in the metal manufacturing industry working closely with aerospace, defense, and machine tool companies. A solutions provider to hundreds of fabricated metal part manufacturers, Akgunes has earned a strong reputation among his customers for helping them maximize heat-treating operations with comprehensive manufacturing solutions and after-sales support services. Having worked extensively with both manufacturing and maintenance teams has also given him a realistic understanding of the needs and services of the industry.

“Serving these countries with state-of-art furnaces and control solutions and being able to solve customer pain points related to application and process development as well as productivity are the most satisfying rewards that come with my job. Today, my partnership with industry leader Nitrex and its member companies will open new opportunities for more end-to-end heat-treat solutions and deliver extra value thanks to the synergies between their product portfolio. From turnkey nitriding systems to vacuum furnaces, process control solutions, and combustion optimization technologies, these advanced solutions will help customers improve their manufacturing operations and performance.”

“This region is one of the fastest developing in the world and home to a strong manufacturing industry across several sectors. With his operational knowledge of the Romanian and Turkish markets, combined with his proven technical skills in end-user support, Akgunes is the perfect ally to tap into this growing market. He will work in collaboration with our current sales and services team in the region to accelerate growth in existing markets and to develop new market opportunities. We are excited by the opportunities that our partnership will bring and are eager to work with new customers to tackle heat treating challenges and find new ways of improving quality using more efficient, future proof and scalable solutions,” said Michel Frison, Vice-President Global Sales of the Nitrex Turnkey Systems (NTS) division.

Nitrex, a Novacap portfolio company and the leading global provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies, unveiled its new corporate brand identity today. This change comes at a time when the company is forging new paths, retooling its product portfolio to align it even more closely with customer needs and preferences, and seeking to present a more consistent look and feel across all brands.

“In our 35-year history, Nitrex has evolved from a small family-run business operating in Canada to a global company with an extensive portfolio serving the whole heat treatment industry,” said Nitrex CEO Jean-Francois Cloutier.

“Our portfolio is built on proven science and technology to enhance material strength and optimize performance. The new brand identity we are sharing with you today,” he continued, “reflects our evolution as a market leader poised for the future, while reaffirming our tradition of innovation, reliability and quality as well as our customer-focused culture. The new unifying logo will represent the company as a whole, with all its business units. The modern, abstract design of the company’s iconic red, yellow and orange “N” symbol is now rendered as two monochromatic pillars, indicating that Nitrex rests on a solid foundation of science and technology. The pillars stand side by side and stretch out crosswise, evoking the centrality of heat treating as a mission-critical process in manufacturing,” added Cloutier.


The new symbol will be adopted by all the Nitrex business units. The symbol also plays a functional role as the letter “N” in the Nitrex wordmark used by all business units. For now, the names of the legal entities will not change, so our customers, suppliers and stakeholders can continue to use the existing names and addresses in all official communication. The new wordmark for United Process Controls leverages its well-known trade name, the UPC initials, in combination with the company’s best-known brand asset, Marathon Monitors, to form UPC-Marathon. Also, worth noting is the incorporation of the “N” symbol as the final letterform in the new UPC-Marathon wordmark.

“The UPC-Marathon logo may be new and different, but it still speaks to our history and makes the link with the essence of our recognized brand. Operationally, nothing has changed: our mission is to be the best brand in process controls and automation worldwide. The new logo is a true reflection of our past and our future,” said Eric Jossart, VP Global Sales. “The rebranding unifies our group, while confirming our unique position in the market,” said Oliver Caurette, President, United Process Controls.

G-M Enterprises has also traded their metallic graphic for a sleek single-color wordmark using the same typeface as the other logos, with the addition of the tagline A Nitrex Company. “The new logo clearly defines the integration of G-M into Nitrex. As the newest addition to the Nitrex Turnkey Systems portfolio, G-M expands our offering in this category by bringing a new line of innovative vacuum heat treatment systems to our customers” said Iwo Korwin, President of NTS.

A new tagline:


“The new tagline charts a bold course for Nitrex. It underscores our commitment to science and technology. By harnessing the latest advances, we will be able to reinvent the methods of strengthening metals and applications, to the greater benefit of our customers. “This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Nitrex and its affiliated companies, and we’re very excited to finally share it with you. Soon you will see the new logos on all our products and packaging, social media platforms, brochures, stationery and tradeshow booths as well as in our email signatures, and much else. Also, on the horizon is a new redesigned website with simplified messaging and a seamless visitor experience. The site will showcase the full suite of solutions, including turnkey heat-treating systems, heat treating services, and control and automation solutions,” said Nitrex CEO Jean-Francois Cloutier.

Whether it be our bodies or our favorite objects, we all know that if we want to keep anything working well for a long period of time, we need to keep up with routine maintenance. Not only will it keep everything intact, but it will also continue to work hard for you. When it comes to vacuum furnaces, the same thing holds true. Having a well-designed preventative maintenance program in place will ensure everything runs smoothly and protect your investment.

Upon purchase of the vacuum furnace, read the manual. It help with future troubleshooting, and also give you an indication of what regular maintenance will entail down the road. Obviously, cleaning, part replacement and lubrication is necessary, but also performing leak checking of the machine and repairs as needed. The more you know about your machine, the easier it will be to detect when things are beginning to go wrong. Keep good records – parts, maintenance checklists of all the components that makes the furnace run smoothly.

Here at GM Enterprises, we offer a wide array of services for our vacuum furnaces to our clients. Not only does our expertise involve training and technical support programs to help you learn your machine, but we also provide installation, repairs and replacement parts. Ask our parts and service department about our maintenance program for vacuum furnaces, spare parts, controller upgrades and other preventative services.

Investing in a vacuum furnace is a big investment, and one that needs to last for a long while. But everything needs a bit of tender loving care from time to time in order to continue to do its job. Taking the time to learn the ins and outs of it will make this investment one that will service you for years to come.

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Dear Nitrex Community,

At Nitrex, the safety and well-being of our communities, employees, our customers, suppliers and stakeholders is always our priority. We recognize the important role we play in providing our Nitrex Heat Treating Solutions through our three divisions – Nitrex Turnkey Systems, Heat Treating Services, United Process Controls – including our new colleagues from G-M Enterprises, during this critical time. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and taking steps to help keep our communities safe. Herein, we share with you the steps we are taking.

Aligning with public health authorities

We have established a team dedicated to respond to this pandemic and have prepared Business Continuity Plans to ensure the continuation of products, services and customer support. We are closely monitoring updates regarding COVID-19 from global organizations such as the World Health Organization as well as various public authorities in each of the regions we operate. We continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

Protecting the Nitrex community

As our employees interact with customers, suppliers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit exposure to the virus. Strict restrictions were put in place on both international and domestic travel, limiting visitors inside our facilities, cancelling large-scale event attendance, reducing face-to-face meetings to a minimum, providing work-from-home solutions, and continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment – from our industrial plants, sales offices to our administrative offices, we are promoting deep-cleaning and routine disinfection.
Similarly, Nitrex has designated a COVID-19 ‘Point Team’, consisting of our top global leaders, who come together daily to discuss new efforts and best practices to effectively minimize exposure risk while also maintaining safe business operations.

Assisting our employees

We are in daily communication with our employees reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing health education and support whenever needed. We encourage employees who feel ill to stay at home and we have specific quarantine and communication procedures in place should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19 or is asked to self-isolate by public health authority. Moreover, Nitrex provides comprehensive benefit packages to support employees during this period.

Our commitment to our customers and our communities

Our dedicated team around the world remains fully committed to continue working and supporting our customers during this period of uncertainty. While we are encountering a variety of challenges with travel restrictions and social distancing, our engineers and sales people are readily available to assist customers remotely over various communication channels. Similarly, we’ve done our best to stock up on products and parts that you may need. Our After-sales support experts are at customer disposal and will continue to facilitate customers with spare part orders and product maintenance support.

The role Nitrex plays in the industry, in our customers’ supply chain and in our employees’ families are very important in times like these. We are managing this situation with the same strength, attention to details and diligence we put in our products and services every day.

As always, thank you for working with Nitrex and your continued trust as we manage through this time together.


Jean-François Cloutier

NITREX and G-M Enterprises

When the time comes to purchase a new industrial furnace, there are several points that need to be considered beforehand. Like, the operating temperature that will be used most often. Because, despite what many may think, it isn’t “one size fits all”. The following are a few of the common things one should consider when preparing to purchase an industrial furnace:

Temperature ranges. It is important to know what temperature you will need for your typical project, in addition to future projects you may have.

Future considerations. Because you can’t always use one furnace for all of your projects, you may want to consider a larger unit with respect to issues of maintenance, reliability, and temperature uniformity as compared to a higher temperature unit.

Furnace geometry. The box unit is great for loading samples in a batch operation, while a tube unit is generally better for a continuous application.

Uniformity. Many options are available ranging from the introduction of cooled gases, to vents, fans, or a combination, to achieve a controlled cool-down cycle.

Controls. Will a standard single set point temperature controller work, or will a programmable unit be required? Making sure you know what you’re looking for will narrow in your options.

Atmosphere. Another consideration should be the atmosphere that will be used in the unit, as this can have a significant bearing on purchase and maintenance costs.

Customization. The final item to be considered – cosmetic issues. Standard products are available from most vendors of lab furnaces, while some manufacturers offer standard units as well as fully customized units that can be specified and engineered to exact customer requirements.

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January 9, 2020

Montreal, Canada – On January 8, 2020, Nitrex, a Novacap portfolio company and the lead provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies globally, acquired G-M Enterprises, a strong player in the vacuum furnaces market, headquartered in Corona, California.

The acquisition is in line with Nitrex’ strategy to further expand its integrated heat treatment solutions offer to customers while strengthening its products portfolio. For the past 30 years, G-M Enterprises has earned the reputation as a leading technological supplier of vacuum furnaces solving challenges for customers in the aerospace, power generation, energy, MIM sintering, and commercial heat-treating industries. The acquisition represents a great fit with Nitrex, as both share the same goal of providing technologies that improve customer workflow and efficiency while maximizing the life span and quality of engineered parts and components. 

“This acquisition will allow Nitrex to bolster its turnkey solutions business by bringing a new, innovative and broader mix of heat treatment systems to our customers,” said Jean-Francois Cloutier, Nitrex CEO.

“G-M Enterprises is a strong performer in the vacuum furnaces market. The company has an outstanding growth opportunity and under Nitrex, we will build on that potential even further, using our global customer base and service footprint. We also look forward to welcoming the entire G-M Enterprises’ team into the Nitrex family,” continued Jean-Francois Cloutier.

“At G-M Enterprises, we are always looking for new ways to provide customers with the best services and product offerings. Joining forces with Nitrex and becoming part of its family of companies will ensure we keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs and expectations,” says Suresh Jhawar, G-M Enterprises President. “What this means for the future of G-M Enterprises is an opportunity to enhance our products and services, expand our international presence further by leveraging the resources, expertise, and capital of Nitrex. These advancements will deliver more value to our customers for years to come,” added Suresh Jhawar.

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About Nitrex:

Nitrex (; is the lead provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies globally. The company was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada and operates three business units – Nitrex Turnkey System (NTS) a leader of turnkey nitriding and nitrocarburizing systems; Heat Treating Services (HTS) a worldwide network of commercial heat-treating service centers; and UPC, a leading provider of controls upgrade and automation solutions for heat treating and combustion. Nitrex serves its customers globally from 14 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China, Japan and through a global network of representatives and licensees. 


Founded in 1981, Novacap is a leading Canadian private equity firm with $3.6 billion of assets under management. Its distinct investment approach, based on deep operational expertise and an active partnership with entrepreneurs, has helped accelerate growth and create long-term value for its numerous portfolio companies. With an experienced management team and substantial financial resources, Novacap is well-positioned to continue building world-class businesses. Backed by leading global institutional investors, Novacap’s deals typically include leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, add-on acquisitions, IPOs, and privatizations. Over the last 38 years, Novacap has invested in more than 90 companies and completed more than 130 add-on acquisitions. The company has offices in Toronto, Ontario and Brossard, Quebec. For more information, please visit

Nitrex, a lead provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies globally, acquired G-M Enterprises, a strong player in the vacuum furnaces market, headquartered in Corona, California.
Pictured in the photo from left to right are: Mrs. Veena Jhawar, G-M Enterprises COO; Mr. Jean-François Cloutier, Nitrex CEO; Mr. Suresh Jhawar, G-M Enterprises President

December 23, 2013

G-M Enterprises supplied a 20-bar vacuum furnace to Paulo Products Co. The furnace, which has an 8,000-pound load capacity and maximum work-zone dimensions of 48 inches wide x 36 inches high x 60 inches long, was installed at Paulo’s St. Louis, Mo., facility. The furnace is equipped with an 800-hp cooling motor, graphite hot zones and an Allen Bradley PLC control system. Thanks to this new furnace, Paulo-St. Louis can now handle larger parts requiring vacuum heat treatment. The facility has already successfully completed all necessary testing and has received approval as a provisional heat-treat source of Die Insert Material for Ford Motor Co. and General Motors, Powertrain Division.

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