Parts Support


G-M Parts Department offers comprehensive parts support. Not only are you able to find most replacements parts you need for your system simply by calling our G-M Parts Department but we go a step further.

G-M makes available complete preventive maintenance packages so you can have the spare parts you need — when you need them.

Upon request, G-M’s parts department will supply a complete listing of the replacement parts (including pricing) for your particular furnace system.

G-M is committed to “24-hour response”. G-M will ship all in-stock items within 24 hours of purchase. Most items are shipped the same day they’re purchased. For any questions call (951) 340 – 4646 or E-mail us at

From innovative engineering design, to follow-up service, G-M Enterprises is a complete system, full service manufacturer.

  • “24– Hour response”. G-M will ship within 24 hours of purchase
  • Preventive maintenance packages
  • A wide array of spare parts in inventory.
  • Complete supply of replacement parts, including pricing for any particular furnace system.
  • Quality parts guaranteed
  • Large In-House inventory available