Quantum Quench™

4 Quadrant Selective Quench Capability

The Quantum Quench™ is a completely new concept. It’s a furnace with controlled multi directional delivery of cooling gas in selected quadrants without having any moving parts inside the vacuum vessel. This new concept provides controlled cooling in selected areas and eliminates maintenance problems which is very common in moving parts within the main vacuum vessel where moving parts are exposed to excessive heat constantly.

The furnace has a circular hot zone and the cooling arrangements are divided in four quadrants – bottom quadrant below the hearth area, the top quadrant, and right and left quadrants. The cooling gas could be introduced from any one quadrant or a combination of quadrants. Alternate cooling gas flow can be introduced from top and bottom quadrants to control distortion and provide unparallel metallurgical & physical results. This unique method of cooling gas delivery we believe is optimal for the tool and die industry. But can also increase effectiveness within any industry needing heat treating with control distortion.

This new G-M concept trade marked Quantum Quench™ was first displayed at the ASM Trade Show in September 2006 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. G-M currently has Patents pending both in the United States and Europe.

Technological Advancements

Generally gas flow direction affects how heat is extracted from the part or material being heat treated:

  • A part/material exposed from top to bottom cooling gas flow will have a cooler top surface.
  • A part/material exposed from bottom to top cooling gas flow will have a cooler bottom surface.
  • Side cooled part/material will be cooler on the gas admission side.

HVF Series