G-M Enterprises is the largest West-Coast based complete system manufacturer and after-service specialist rolled into one. We specialize in everything from complete manufacturing, to replacements, to rebuilds.

Our experience with all types of equipment whether new or old gives us the insight to manufacture what you need today. Our foresight knowledge and understanding keeps us on the leading edge of what you’ll need tomorrow. To request a quote on one of G-M’s hot zone click the link below.

From innovative engineering design, to follow-up service, G-M Enterprises is a complete system, full service manufacturer.

  • G-M provides improvements over the original design rather than replacing part for part.
  • G-M Patented full width “Two-Point” positive support design (Patent No. 5,497,394) prevents grounding & premature failures.
  • G-M’s special “V” shaped reinforcement ribs created in heating elements.
  • G-M’s state-of-the-art “Screw-In” nozzle.