VPA Furnace

G-M Vapor Phase Aluminizing (VPA) Semi Continuous Furnace

G-M’s VPA furnaces are made to optimize the ROI, improve reliability and ensure ease of maintenance for your VPA Coating process which improves the high temperature durability with adding an aluminide or thin oxide layer on a super alloy. This process is used for jet engine parts and power turbines to increase the performance of the parts at high temperatures.

With one coating chamber and two cooling chambers the productivity can be doubled compared to a regular batch set up with a single cooling chamber. The process is semi-automated with two load/unloading stations with one load waiting to go into the coating chamber as soon as the prior one is done and going to cooling.

The furnace is designed to go up to 2,200˚F (1,204˚C) and with Argon and Hydrogen Atmosphere.

Atmosphere & Coating Furnaces:

VPA Furnace Atmosphere and Coating