G-M Enterprises – Industrial Furnace Systems

An industry leader for manufacturing furnaces that “REALLY” work

With over forty years of experience with high temperature industrial vacuum furnaces G-M Enterprises is the leading manufacturer for large industrial vacuum furnaces that Really works.

We specialize in large horizontal vacuum furnaces and large vertical, bottom load vacuum furnaces for temperatures up to 2,600˚F (1,430˚C) with fast cooling through pressurized gas quenching and with a modern computerized control system that will make operation a breeze!

G-M Enterprises experience and expertise in this area will ensure that your project and new furnace will work from the start and for many years to come!

G-M Enterprises furnaces are primarily used for special alloys, titanium, zirconium and stainless steel for the aerospace industry, the nuclear industry, the power turbine industry, medical applications, tool and dies, MIM Industry and for 3D additive applications. G-M Enterprises have developed special solutions and optimization for the heat treating and manufacturing of all these applications and work closely with our customers to continuously improve their processes with better yield, faster process times and superior quality.

If you make your parts in a G-M furnace it will work!